Why under-grads should start freelancing?

Before freelancing, mid 2K10

  • Fucking sick with Digit magazine, not to mention the overclocking counterpart.

    Stable overclocked AMD quad core die to 4.2GHz on Air. :)

  • Hate coding, coz I don't think WAP to check palindrome string, matrix-transpose/multiplication, link-list, tree etc makes any sense as I can't imagine how these things will help me create standalone GUI or web app. Shouldn't it be a drag and drop IDE like MS-Visual studio.
  • I visited Facebook by searching for www.facebook.com in Google itself. Seriously www. !!!!
  • I was a windows user (obviously pirated)

As you can see I was totally fucked as far as code and browsing web was concerned.

Registered @freelancer.com

  1. It was a nightmare for around 2 months before I got my very first project.
    Took almost 45 days to finish it, irrespective of the fact that I wrote in Windows powershell which I don't know, shit about.
    But I noticed that all programming language share a common theme. i.e. Data-type, Loops, Decision making, Operators etc.

  2. System admin Till now I've found out stackoverflow.com, serverfault.com and I used it for the greater good (learning + earning).
    I usually spend most of time writing bot mostly in bash/PHP, debugging HTTPd, optimizing MySQLd, migrating Wordpress and other CMS and even asterisk.

The major turning point

Cloud computing: Kela WTF is cloud, everyone is talking about it, but I wonder how many of them really know what it really is. I even heard from one of my batch-mate saying that data are stored in the Cloud (yeah the real cloud in the Sky), that's why its called cloud computing. :D

Himanshu asked me to move a website to AWS for scaling and it all started from here. He showed me the AWS management console of one of his client & guess what that in the cloud itself (en route from GAU to BLR).

Soon enough I found out that the trend of web hosting is moving vastly to the cloud coz everyone thinks their web-app will scale but very few of them really did also most of them are more concerned with backup and fail-over rather then focusing on their business plan.

My Linux and bash scripting skills helped me a lot to sink my teeth deep into AWS.
The most interesting part is, Dev-Ops didn't consume that much time as compared to developing a web-app. And the pay is good, really good. Have a look at my freelancer profile :P

Now the real deal: Why under-grads should start freelancing??????

Although the possibilities are endless when it comes to joining freelancer. But here're a few which I found to be most important.

  1. Able to write more rigid code for deploying in production environment.
    Example: We all know that 1+1 = 2 but in production it can sometime lead to unexpected results.

  2. You'll become familiar with the current technical trends which can help you judge by yourself while applying for internship/final semester projects or if you want to collaborate in open-source projects or even starting your own startup.

  3. You can improve your opensource profile if you happen to find/fix bugs or improve features in an already opensource code that you're using for your client.

  4. You may end up with a full-time job offer from your clients itself.

Most importantly you'll learn and earn both at the same time.

Can't get better then this. :D

Be bold

  1. You shouldn't be concerned/afraid of all these different syntax across various programming languages, just be clear with the common theme I mentioned before.
    I usually fuck up Python with $x = 'foo' instead of x = 'foo'.

  2. All you need is Google and a bit of common sense which I learned from Sam

  3. You must have the craze to learn new things and stay updated in this field.
    That's the way you gonna conquer, if you know what I mean.

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